Abayenesh about us

Elad Wexler

Founder and Producer

Elad was fascinated by the art of cinema from an early age. He received an 8mm movie camera at the age of 11, and began filming and directing short films with his friends. After completing his military service, he studied cinema and television at Tel Aviv University, and completed his M.A. in history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He wrote and directed his thesis film, My Dharmasala (2007), in which the hero sails down memory lane, searching for an old love. It's a poetic and sensitive film, combining drama, animation, and documentary scenes.

After making the film, Elad embarked on a round of screenings and lectures about Israeli films. He spoke in Israel, Australia, England, and South Africa.
Upon returning to Israel, he produced a short drama titled Birthday (Director: Israel Rosenbaum).
Elad Wexler is currently working on his doctoral studies combining both his greatest loves – film and history.

Click here to watch a scene from My Dharamsala (2007), Elad Wexler’s first film.

Esti Almo Wexler

Founder & Artistic Director

Born in Ethiopia, Esti immigrated to Israel at the age of four. She was reunited with her father, who had arrived two years before the rest of the family. From the outset, journalists and photographers would come to the family home in Israel to film stories about them. Esti showed a great love of stage & singing, producing school performances on a regular basis. In high school, she studied art and design, and participated in extra-curricular theatre activities. At that time, she realized she had a knack for storytelling, riveting her listeners with her stories.

After her military service, she opted to study Photography and Screen Based Arts at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. She created an animated film titled Written in the Sand, held numerous photography exhibitions, and won many awards. At some point, her love of the art of storytelling prevailed, and Esti went on to study for her Master’s Degree in film and television at Tel Aviv University. Her first film was the short drama Summer of ‘89 (2013), which she wrote and directed. The film was screened at film festivals and aired on Israel Channel 10.

Esti is the creative content director of Abayenesh Productions. Two of her full-length feature films have each received development grants from film foundations. One is a comedy titled Lady Tity Sings the Blues, and the other is a drama called Abayenesh. She is also working on a documentary film, The Sandman is Looking for Tenna, which she developed while participating in an incubator for women (The Greenhouse Program) under the auspices of the New Israeli Fund for Cinema and TV (NFCT).
Click here to watch a scene from Summer of ‘89 (2013), Esti Almo Wexler's first film.

Esti and Elad first collaborated on Esti’s drama Summer of ‘89, where Elad served as a line producer. After making the film, Elad and Esti decided to co-found a production company, augmenting their relationship as a couple.