Our Mission Abayenesh

Saba Brahno’s Travels

A children’s series, combining live-action with animation.
Saba Brahno is a warm, friendly old man, who lives in a colorful, imaginary house with a cow, an Ethiopian wolf, and an Ethiopian deer. One day, Coco arrives at his door. She’s a young girl who lives in the same building. Each time she visits, Coco recounts how she’s coping with the new challenges in her life. Saba Brahno and the other characters take Coco on a journey into the past, through stories from Brahno’s days as a teenager in Ethiopia. The stories and their morals, help Coco deal with the challenges in her own life. Aired in 2016.

Women Speaking

A talk show featuring female trailblazers from the Ethiopian community. The program depicts a fascinating human mosaic. Each woman and her personal journey: actresses, singers, artists, midwives, Prisoners of Zion, authors, etc. Intimate and revealing conversations, filled with humor and love. Interviewers: Esti Almo Wexler and Ilana Lewie . Aired in 2014.

Hulu Ager

An infotainment magazine hosted by Yosi Vasa and Herut Shapira. The program combines comedy sketches, special reports, studio interviews, guest appearances, and segments about health and money. Aired in 2013.